How to Choose the Right Duvet Tog

What is a tog? What duvet tog do I need? Why are UK duvets sold according to a tog rating? To answer all of these questions and clear up the confusion for those looking to buy duvets here in the UK, here is a quick explanation and guide.

What are Togs?

It is a common misconception that tog ratings applied to and featured on the packaging in which UK duvets are commonly sold refer to either the weight or quality of the product inside.

In fact, duvets of all qualities are sold in a number of tog ratings and the quality might affect the price of a duvet, but not the tog rating. Further, the ‘amount of togs’ a duvet is sold advertised as having needn’t necessarily affect its weight; the material with which a duvet in stuffed will definitely affect its weight meaning that two duvets of the same tog rating but which are stuffed with different materials could weigh different weights. But then, what does tog refer to or mean?

‘Togs’, when applied to duvets sold within the UK, refer to a measurement of ‘thermal resistance’. This is why a heavier duvet might be sold as a duvet of fewer togs than a lighter option; the lighter option, depending on its stuffing, could better retain heat and keep a person sleeping beneath it warm. Hence, tog ratings feature on almost all duvets sold within the UK as a duvet tog rating provides the best indicator of how insulating a duvet is.

The origin of the word can be traced back to its use as a casual and slang term for clothing as further explored via the Collins Dictionary website. Meanwhile, you can learn more about the history and origin of the duvet by referring to the article: 10 Curious Things About Duvets, featured on the Apartment Therapy website.

How to Buy the Right Tog Duvet

The best advice for buying the right tog duvet is to invest in both a low and a high tog duvet to provide you with a summer and winter duvet.

Suffice to say, you needn’t buy four duvets due to the fact there are four seasons as both the spring and autumn seasons here in the UK tend to enjoy similar temperatures. Further, Britain’s climate tends to swing between extremely low winter temperatures and inconsistently high and at other times more temperate summer temperatures. Hence, it is common of us Brits to swap straight from a winter to summer duvet.

More Information about the Humble Duvet and its Origins

Whilst duvets have only been popular bedding additions bought and sold within the UK since the 1960s’ (surprisingly perhaps) they were first devised some 300 years earlier. Why is this, and why did it take the duvet so long to catch on?

To find out and learn much more about the albeit astonishing history of the humble duvet, visit the BBC website and give their article: Almost 300 Years Without a Duvet, a read. Whilst it might not make you better informed when purchasing a new duvet, it could make you a more valuable member of your local pub quiz team and while certainly enlighten you as to why it is every night you snuggle down beneath a duvet rather than swathe yourself in bed sheets.